About me!

I was lucky enough to grow up in South East Cornwall, near to the Rame Peninsula and Whitsands Bay, and have always loved watching and observing the wildlife and the natural world around us. Gradually I started to try to take photos of what I was watching and now I am lucky enough to be able to make my living as a professional  photographer Incorporating my wildlife, landscape and dog photography. 

Now living in the  heart of Wiltshire  I have easy access to some very special parts of the UK  both to observe  and photograph our indigenous wildlife.

I always shoot with the aim and intention of turning my work into a print for display. We may be in the digital age, but for me a photo is not complete and cannot be admired or viewed properly until it has been printed and mounted. 

The wildlife or subject comes first ! Without question, before any ideas of taking a photo of any animal or bird or plant etc., the welfare of the subject comes first. Sometimes it is better to just observe and have the memory, rather than to risk disturbing them just for the sake of a photo. Remember, there's always another day!

Please visit the relevant pages within the website for details regarding any prints, fine art print sales, information about future workshops and 1-2-1 tuition.  Any questions then please contact me directly via the contact form.

My work has been published widely across the globe in books , magazines and various other media.  My work is sold worldwide through several  photo agencies  . 

Fine art and Limited Edition prints are available direct through the shop or by contacting me directly for any Information required .      

As well as wildlife photography, I am also an award winning dog photographer.

For more Information about my dog photography, please visit the relevant page from menu.

Although I have been a long time NIKON user using everything from the Nikon FE film cameras up to and including the Nikon D5 and D500 and have owned and used extensively most of the Pro grade range of nikon lenses favourites in no order were the workhorse 300mm F/2.8 vr , 500mm f/4 vr and the 200-400 f/4 .

A big change now however as I have finally made the switch over to a complete FUJIFILM system after many years of dipping my toe in and trying various parts of the Fuji system starting back with the original X-T1 .

I will write  further on this in the future as it stands for those interested my current equipment is listed below. 




Main Lenses.

FUJI 100-400

FUJI 80mm f/2,8 macro

FUJI 55-200

FUJI 90 mm

FUJI 23mm f/1.4

FUJI 16 f/2.8

FUJI 14 f/2.8

VILTROX 33 f/1.4.

F Stop Lotus 32l  bag. 

Used as my main camera bag when I need to travel with all my gear and hiking.

Hawke  ED 8x32 Binoculars .

All images converted from raw and any subtle editing is done in Lightroom and Capture One.

Silver Efex pro2 is used for converting to B/W images.

All  images are edited to be as true to what I witnessed  at the time I pressed the shutter as possible.

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